Vehicle / Trailer Dimensions

We have access to many different types of vehicle. Please see below for the standard dimensions of the most frequently used vehicles:

Length Width Height Payload Volume
Escort Van 1.6 to 1.7m 1.12 to 1.4m 1 to 1.12m 500kg 2-2.4cbm
Mercedes LWB Sprinter 4.2m 1.7m (1.25m between Wheelarches) 1.7m 1725kg 10cbm
Luton Van 3.2m 2.1m 2.13m 1300kg 14cbm
7.5 Tonner 5.7m 2.2-2.4m 2.2m 2800 to 3250kg 30cbm
17.5 Tonner 7.8m 2.4m 2.3m 9000 to 9500kg 40-43cbm
Tautliner / Euroliner 13.5 to 13.6m 2.45 to 2.5m 2.45 to 2.7m 26000kg 85-90cbm
Mega 13.6m 2.5m 3m 26000kg 100cbm

Many other special vehicles are also available, from flatbeds to low-loaders, Road-trains to Beaver-tails we will advise on the best match for your cargo.

Request our handy (and free….) vehicle / trailer dimensions sheet below to stick on the office wall by sending an email to

Trailer & Vehicle Dimensions