We are frequently approached by customers about goods which need to be delivered urgently, or according to a defined schedule. The first step towards getting goods delivered successfully within a very specific time frame is for us to gain a precise understanding of the nature of the goods, the collection and delivery locations and any particular factors which will affect the movement. Once these are clearly understood, the delivery framework can be put in place using the right type of service, equipment and route so that the goods are delivered on time for the least cost. We will never limit our proposals according to what is more expedient or profitable for us.

Westhaven does not operate it’s own vehicles or equipment and our strength lies in the freedom of using our industry knowledge and experience to identify the right type of solution for each job, in line with the characteristics of the job in hand. With this in mind, we will consider whether, for example, overland express transport is a more practical and cost-effective solution than air freight. We are not tied to any carrier or system and will propose the routing which is best for the circumstances and for our client’s pocket. That said, we have excellent buying power with several of the largest express mail, courier and air freight service providers and the trade rates we pay are usually far better than the standard tariff prices quoted to individual shippers. We also know which companies are the industry leaders for certain destinations, types of consignment, mode of transport and prices, all of which saves the shipper a great deal of time, cost and risk.

For certain urgent or time specific collections and deliveries in Europe we favour the use of small, dedicated road vehicles which can take up to up to 1250 kg. The track record of this system is truly amazing and we have been able to achieve excellent results for our clients in terms of both speed of delivery and costs. 

Possibilities for larger consignments are often limited by the size or weight of the goods and the destination involved and we are happy to investigate the most appropriate solution and to offer various options to our customers to help them find the right balance of practicality, speed and cost.

Feel free to talk with us about the requirements and challenges of your urgent deliveries and collections and we will be pleased to respond quickly with our considered opinions on the best method of delivery and cost available.

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