In shipping terms, imports fall into two categories – ‘imports’ from Europe and imports from countries outside Europe. We make this distinction because, in technical terms, goods coming into the UK from EU member countries can be better described as internal movements within one single market, rather than imports – i.e., there aren’t any Customs barriers to contend with, since goods move from one nation state to another within one free market. As such, transport procedures are relatively simple, so inter-state shipments can be thought of as being much the same as domestic UK movements.

Westhaven can advise importers on the most cost-effective way of bringing their purchases into the UK and, working with our industry partners, we are able to offer comprehensive door to door delivery services by ocean, air and overland routes.

Where Customs clearance is required, we will explain how the process works and ensure that goods are cleared quickly. Competitively priced warehousing and distribution services are available for larger, regular consignments.

Bringing goods into the UK from outside the EU involves the goods being cleared through Customs when they arrive in the UK. Import VAT is due on most products and there may also be import duties to be paid. One final consideration is the distance the goods will be travelling and shipments may well be ‘on the water’ for several weeks before arriving at a UK port.  For more urgent deliveries, we may propose air freight as a solution which, although much quicker than ocean freight services, can of course be more expensive. We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate method of shipment for your imports, how these systems work, how long it will take to bring the goods in and the total door to door cost.

As we are independent shipping and forwarding agents, with a great deal of experience in all types of international shipping, we will be pleased to advise you on the ways in which you can set up your import deliveries. As we are not tied to any particular carriers, we are able to choose the right service for our clients and, through our trade connections, we also have excellent buying power, so we have the means to provide the ideal balance of service and price, which importers would find very difficult to achieve through their own efforts.

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