Exporting or importing for the first time? Experienced exporter or importer, but having problems with your logistics?

Our natural approach to business is to engage personally with our clients and we have built long standing relationships with our customers over many years, based on their trust in our abilities, professionalism and friendly approach. We actually enjoy this way of working and we have an enthusiasm to find the best solution for every shipment we deal with, or are asked about. We are frequently approached by companies who are new to exporting or importing and we are happy to spend time on the phone, or to meet with them, to explain how international trade processes and procedures work. 

It’s crucial that those new to exporting or importing investigate and understand all aspects of the processes involved before making deals, otherwise expensive and time-consuming problems can arise. We de-mystify the export and import processes – and we won’t charge you for the knowledge transfer! We know a lot about international trade and we can help you understand how to ship your goods, deal with the documentation involved, see how Customs procedures work and discover what barriers to trade you will encounter and how you can overcome them. You may not realise that, where exporting and importing is involved, you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. You can hardly ask for help on a particular process or issue, if you don’t know that the process or issue exists in the first place….

Whilst most of our help is directed towards SME’s, start-ups, and new exporters / importers, we are also happy to assist experienced exporters or importers if they have problems with particular aspects of their international trade. Over recent years we have built close working relationships with UK Trade & Investment, Chambers of Commerce and industry associations and we regularly take part in events, presentations and initiatives aimed at encouraging UK companies to establish and develop export markets, especially in intermediate high growth markets in Latin America. We are members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and we frequently collaborate with British Business Centres in Mexico, Colombia and Chile. We invest our time and effort without charge and without obligation.

Our philosophy is that, if we help companies in this way, we may at some time in the future help them with their logistics requirements, but we ask for no guarantees or undertakings and rely solely on building a relationship based on trust in our abilities. 

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